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      otto commented  · 

      unfortunately they have removed the switch that allows you to shut off automatic microphone level adjust on Mac consumer version of Skype, too, as of last update. june 2018. for some reason, skype updates itself automatically (why is this even allowed?) so i did not actually install this new poor version myself. previously it had the switch for this under audio-video settings menu, and it did work, but it would reset itself to the bad auto-adjust way when you restarted skype, and you had to set it back to the good manual way yourself again. but at least it worked. now my mic volume is back to the "jump all over the place" mode all the time. it's like in all of microsoft there are no audio engineers or they are all in budget meetings all day. my theory is that we will have to find a way in Windows Registry or mac Kernel settings or something like that to blockade this errant app from messing with the audio video settings of the hardware. how do this this, i dont know... there must be a way... blockade... think: blockade...

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