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      Luis Borgen commented  · 

      So terrible of Microsoft not to jump in here and provide proper steps to add locations. Mark Grafing's recommendation on June 08, 2017 didn't work for me as it makes no difference if I am on VPN or at the office using the corporate LAN.


      After like everyone else updating location over and over and not showing previous locations SfB should have saved I noticed the following:

      1.- At the location drop down, when I unselect "Show others my location", suddenly my previous locations showed up. So I can just click on the one I am at.
      2.- After selecting my location I select back the "Show others my location" and I am back showing the correct location.

      - SfB is supposed to detect the IP assigned to you when you connect to the network and then show the location based on it. So if I am at the office it automatically selects my office location.
      - I need to test it when I get out of the office and I launch the VPN to see if it lets me add the new location (Home for example) without loosing my office location information. I will do so by unselecting and then selecting back after the change/update, the "Show others my location".
      - Under VPN connection if launching the VPN at Window's start up SfB may not be able to detect the IP assigned by the local router/ISP so, hopefully the VPN concentrator gives different IP and one can just select the one needed.

      WARNING TO MICROSOFT: (Nor sure if MS will read this but it is worth trying, so here it is anyways). Microsoft, Location information is used not just for others to see where I am at but for E-911 so First Responders know where you are in the event of an emergency, one dials 911 form the SfB and can't speak due to threats at the location.
      If anyone has a situation like this and lives are lost due to inability to send location information to PSAP (Public-Safety Answering Point. AKA 911 operator for Police, Fire & Medical centers).
      So a multimillion Dollars lawsuit against Microsoft for this issue would be a wake up call.
      Microsoft, please fix this issue as it has been lingering for a couple of year with no clear resolution. We shouldn't have to get VoIP engineers to figure out a work around (I am not one BTW).

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